Friday, March 21, 2008

Book 46: Love Walked In

Title: Love Walked In

Who wrote it: Marisa De Los Santos

Whom I borrowed it from: Queens Library (Forest Hills)

What is it about:
- A tale of a 11 y/o girl losing her single parent mom
through mental illnesses, while her dad's girlfriend
offered her shelter and comfort through
life's storm; and how their bond developed
over time, despite the awkwardness of this
relationship / friendship...

What went through my mind:
- As the first published novel,
this was a very sophisticated and
well written story : 0
She has some creative usage of
vocabularies, detailed and delicate
images laid out before the readers eyes,
and the character developments of the
people involved are excellent.
i was very impressed and felt drawn to
the story & all its characters.
I feel like i know them all personally,
and that i'd love to be their friends /
family members : )

- The theme of this novel is pretty unique,
and its optimistic worldview (while being realistic)
is quite encouarging and made this novel
all the more lovable : )
I really liked how the story does not
end on a happily ever after note,
but it doesn't make life TOO HARSH
for them (& us readers) to bear either : D
I felt some soothing comfort / warmth
brewing in my heart, for it brings a sense of
peace & hope to my life : )

Favorite Quotes:
- "If you have to ask, no way are you
ever getting the answer you're looking for...
If you have to ask that question in order
to keep him... he's already gone.
(Pg. 96)

- "Be not afraid of parenthood;
some are born parents,
some achieve parenthood, and others
have parenthood thrust upon 'em.
(Pg. 106)

- "The problem with me is that
I like to work; I like to do
what I do well and completely;
I just don't have a calling. Not yet, anyway
(Pg. 121)
* That summarizes my life up till now.
Thanks a lot!

- "I don't think love is blind,
but wanting to be in love,
that's probably blind.
" (Pg. 174)

- "Maybe with true love, you see
(the mistakes/imperfection)
and you love anyway.
" (Pg. 182)

- "Happiness isn't what happens when
you whistle along, pretending
bad things don't exist..
Happiness is earned, like everything else
It is achieved.
" (Pg. 271-272)

What came out of this:
* Reminder: Look out for this author's
second book! : D I can't wait!!

Why Should you read it, too?
It's a very heartwarming story : )
If life is not treating you too well now,
reading this shall lift your spirit a little...

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