Saturday, February 2, 2008

Book 23: The Feast of Love

Title: The Feast of Love

Who wrote it: Charles Baxter

Whom I borrowed it from: Queens Library (Forest Hills)

What is it about:
A movie-like story of how one person is
connected to another, then another...
which eventually brings everyone together back in full circle,
while describing their life and love stories.

What went through my mind:
- The writer has a very good style,
created lively and somewhat realistic characters,
the novel reads like a movie...
it's a decent literature piece all in all.
- i'd like to know the narrator more,
especially that he had an interesting set-up
in the beginning, as the guy who remembers everyone/
everything else but himself.
- I really wonder, has anyone heard of this movie???
Why haven't i seen anything like it?
Or is it a new movie in 2008? 0_o"

Favorite Quotes:
- "Everyone relationship has at least
one really goood day." (Pg. 17)

- "...a lot of men feel they have to prove
they're real men... I don't think that
most women have to prove that they're
real women." (Pg. 33)

- "...intelligence and quick-wittedness
have nothing to do with a talent for being
loved, or being kind..." (Pg. 62)

- "We live in a large city, populated only
by ourselves." (Pg. 84)

- "... discovered that the meaning of his life
lay in learning, friendship and love,
and service to others." (Pg. 176)

What came out of this:
* Reminder: Look out for the movie!
(Or is there gonna be one?
i'm still confused...)

Why Should you read it, too?
If you liked reading character development fiction,
it's pretty well-written : )

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Anonymous said...

The concept of all the connections coming back full circle, reminds me of "Six Degrees of Separation" - Is that the movie you're referring to?