Sunday, February 10, 2008

Book 28: Life on the Refrigerator Door

Title: Life on the Refrigerator Door

Who wrote it: Alice Kuipers

Whom I borrowed it from: Queens Library (Forest Hills)

What is it about:
Mother and daughter leaving each other
notes on the fridge to communicate,
talking about various things in life:
boys, grocery, health, emotions, school, work...
then Mom found out that she has breast cancer...

What went through my mind:
- This novel was written in a very creative format:
Notes left on the fridge!
It's amazing how the character development
flows so smoothly, and i felt like being in Mom/
Daughter's shoes, back and forth,
as i read those notes '_'

- The notes are extremely realistic,
as they contain a mix of concerns --
asking for allowance, expressing concerns,
grocery shopping list, fights & apologies...
So real that it reminds me of my relationship with Ma...

Favorite Quotes:
- "Have I been a good mother?
It's the sort of question every mother wants to ask
but often don't get the chance.
Or they don't dare." (Pg. 190)

- "...I don't want a better mother.
I want you." (Pg. 205)
* may i be able to say and believe that 110%.

What came out of this:
* Nostalgia: Various moments of me
spending time with Ma when we first came here (NYC)
came across my mind...
I guess God has a higher purpose than
what i made it out to be.

Why Should you read it, too?
Every daughter, every mom -- should read this!

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