Monday, February 4, 2008

i gave up

After much mental struggle & debates with myself,
i finally decided to give up on a book
i was trying hard to read:

Yup. The famous classic -- George Orwell's 1984.

Perhaps my literature level is really low,
but i read 1/4 of the book, and i still had no clue (nor interest)
in what's going on.

The voice of the narrator is agitating,
the storyline unclear,
and there are no interesting characters nor developments.

i had a feeling that the only way
to understand what this book is about,
is to read sparknotes or go back to eng. lit. class to study--
neither of which i'm motivated to do
(nor do i think should be the right way,
if i were only reading a fiction for leisure?!).

Anyhow, therefore i made up my mind
to announce my first incomplete assignment
ever since launching The 365 Project: 1984.

Yes. Despite the fact that i was born in 1984.

1 comment:

crimson_heart85 said...

aw hei - its okay. not all books are meant for every reader out there. there's still ... wayy wayyy wayyyy many books to consider under orwell's genre. you might like his animal farm better - its short, clear, funny and scary. or the handmaid's tale by atwood (about the future where religion controls women etc.) or a brave new world by huxley .. (future - style genre about the future generation/humanity being created by scientific engineering. though - could be as dull as 1984) but you may have read all of these already. kudos to you then!