Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Book 25: Six Thinking Hats

Title: Six Thinking Hats --
The International Bestseller that has changed
the way the world's most successful business leaders think

Who wrote it: Edward De Bono

Whom I borrowed it from:
Bought @

What is it about:
When we try to think things through,
or have business meetings,
more often than not we argue our way out
to make a decision,
and many times we mix up
emotions, information, logic, hope and creativity
all at the same time.

Instead of trying to juggle too many balls
at the same time, De Bono suggests the
Six Thinking Hats thinking method:
- White: Present neutral, objective info;
- Red: Express emotions without having to justify them;
- Black: Criticize and find out the weaknesses/faults;
- Yellow: Provide positive & constructive prospects;
- Green: Explore creative options & solutions;
- Blue: Oversee the thinking process & make conclusion.
By putting on/off these hats,
people can think about one thing at a time,
and thus come to conclusion in a much shorter
period of time, with a clearer mind / consensus.

What went through my mind:
- Thinking is a skill that can be learned & taught.
That itself is an encouraging thought : D
- This is certainly a very intelligent
and educated thinking method.
I'd love to practice this more in daily life,
and thus become a better thinking /
decision maker myself!
- I can see how this thinking method would be
very constructive to help improve
effectiveness for corporations and businesses : )

Favorite Quote:
- "The biggest enemy of thinking is complexity,
for that leads to confusion.
When thinking is clear and simple,
it becomes more enjoyable and more effective." (Pg. 172)
* This book certainly shows how that can be achieved : )

What came out of this:
* Smart Idea:
A) Practice switching on/off the six hats while thinking!
B) If i get a chance, teach it to others, too! : D

Why Should you read it, too?
If you've ever wished you could be less 'all over the place',
make better decisions in life,
or simply be a smarter thinker,
this book is SO worth your time!

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