Thursday, February 14, 2008

Book 30: Naked

Title: Naked

Who wrote it: David Sedaris

Whom I borrowed it from:
Queens Library (North Forest Park)

What is it about: A collection of short stories
centered around a fictional family of David's,
creating a maddening / humorous /
half-believable memoir, constantly stretching
the reader's imagination, while subtly bringing up
questions about the true nature of humanity.

What went through my mind:
- Is this author crazy?
This question lingered in my mind the whole time.
- This book would have worked just fine
even with half its length.
- I have not read another book quite like this,
i'd have to admit.

- If he's not crazy, he must be very
observant and imaginative.
& i guess he's not that crazy,
given his superb literary techniques.
- It's amazing how the single literary trick:
Constantly creating climax/anti-climax
during the exposition of the story, aka
leading the readers on & surprising them
with twists & turns --
really made this book stand out from the crowd.

Favorite Quotes:
- "... the next few hours would pass like days
or maybe even weeks. Our watches would yawn,
the minute and hour hands joining each other
in a series of periodic naps."
(Pg. 54)
* Such fresh, non-cliche expressions : )

- "Acting is different than posing or pretending.
When done with precision, it bears a striking
resemblance to lying. Stripped of the costumes
and grand gestures, it presents itself as an
unquestionable truth."
(Pg. 105)
* Intriguing thought...?

- "It occured to me that everything we buy
has been poked or packaged by some unfortunate
nitwit... Vegetarians look at a pork roast
thinking about the animal. I'd now look at them
wondering whose job it was to package the
shallow Styrofoam trays. That's where the
real tragedy lies."
(Pg. 170)
* Poignant & Observant : / & also sad...

- "Because I was lazy, I'd adopted the philosophy
that things just happen. It was much easier to
blame others than it was to take initiative."
(Pg. 190)
- "I suppose we all bend ourselves to what
we perceive as other people's expectations..."
(Pg. 220)
* Honest & insightful.

- "I had known people who said... to their parents,
"I love you," but it always translated to mean
"I'd love to get off the phone with you."
(Pg. 240)
* ...... (speechless)

What came out of this:
* Reminder:
Being observant is one crucial quality for writers.
hmm... yes, even for the semi-crazy ones.
* Question:
Why do Americans like using foul language
in their writings so much?

Why Should you read it, too?
- If you want to enter an upside-down world,
where madness is common sense,
you should take the chance & pick up this book.

p.s. I borrowed 2 of his other books, too:
- Me Talk Pretty One Day
- Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
but i'll take a break from reading them back to back,
just so my brain won't be messed with too much -> damage.

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