Saturday, February 16, 2008

Book 33: Flies on the Butter

Title: Flies on the Butter

Who wrote it: Denise Hildreth

Whom I borrowed it from: Queens Library (Forest Hills)

What is it about:
Rose Fletcher was on her way to South Carolina,
her home from the distant past.
Along the long & winding roads,
memories and regrets of the past
came haunting her, while God uses
different people's prayers and gentle help
to bring her HOME... for the first time since childhood.

What went through my mind:
- The exposition / beginning of the story was too long,
the ending too abrupt & dramatic : (
The use of flashbacks was a bit too much also,
in my opinion '_' besides, the timeline is not
as clear as it could be, so sometimes it takes me
a few pages to realize which phase of Rose's life
it's describing 0_o"

- The portrait of how Southerners differ
from the Washington city people is quite
successful : ) Besides, it educated me
about what Southerners like:
Boiled Peanuts & Frozen Coke ; )
hehe... i find that pretty amusing.

- It's nice to know that someone out there
is attempting to incorporate Christianity/
the idea of God into their stories,
but i wish i could see more of that come out
from the story, as opposed to learning about
that from the label on the back of the novel.

Favorite Quotes:
- "You're going to have a thousand opportunities
in this life... to make good choices or bad choices...
when you make choices that aren't the ones you
know you should have made... if you come back
saying you're sorry, then He [God] will forgive you...
He looks at your heart." (Pg. 123-124)

- "Happy wife, happy life..." (Pg. 140)
* Learn the truth, GUYS!

- "No argument hurt anybody.
It's the silence and the secrets
that will do you in." (Pg. 141)

- "Let those flies have the butter,
and next thing you know,
they'll want your biscuits too.
You've got to be vigilant about
some things in life." (Pg. 223)

- "... life brings tough roads...
I've learned that storms don't care
who you are." (Pg. 259)

- "... the greatest fragrance comes out of a rose
only when it has been crushed." (Pg. 260)
* Same idea as... you can't really fully experience
Grace, if you've always lived a perfect life;
can't understand true humility,
if you've never been broken.

- "Eventually everyone has to break,
or they'll simply live their lives broken." (Pg. 263)
* Profound thought : )

What came out of this:
* Reminders:
1) Prayers make a world of difference.
2) Being broken is a beautiful thing.

* Goals:
1) Find the song 'Flies on the Butter' on Youtube
& listen to it, see why it touched the author so much.
2) Eat some boiled peanuts
& drink some frozen coke ; )

Why Should you read it, too?
If you've been running away from your past,
if you've been holding grudges against your family...
perhaps this book can lead you home...

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