Friday, February 8, 2008

Book 26: Personal Growth Exchange Diary (交換成長日記)

Title: 交換成長日記 (Personal Growth Exchange Diary)

Who wrote it: 梁詠琪 / 楊采妮
(Gigi Leung / Charlie Young)

Whom I borrowed it from: Queens Library (Forest Hills)

What is it about:
A collection of essays written by Gigi/Charlie,
recording their thoughts about growing up,
childhood/adolescence memories & incidents...
cute doodlings, kiddie pics & heartfelt conversations.

What went through my mind:
- Despite being written by 2 famous HK pop stars / singers,
this book almost has nothing to do with the entertainment business.
Instead, i felt very comfortable breezing through the pages,
as if i were involved in a conversation with 2 nice friends.

I sensed something warm and fuzzy,
as i read about their memories of school / pets /
family / childhood dreams / embarassing incidents...
and they're surely easy to identify with as a girl from HK.

They make me miss HOME, and the good old days... : /

What came out of this:
*My personal view of these two ladies have changed a lil:
They seem quite personable & lovely ; )

Why Should you read it, too?
My HYS friends should definitely read this!
Their high-school memories might remind you
of our precious youthful days ; )

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