Friday, February 22, 2008

Book 36: Zagat New York City Restaurants 2008

You might question...

well, why not?
there's a lot to learn, even from a restaurant guide ; )
Plus, i did read every single page of it : 0

Title: Zagat New York City Restaurants 2008

Who wrote it: Larry Cohn (Contributor),
Curt Gathje (Editor), Carol Diuguid (Editor)

Whom I borrowed it from:
Queens Central Library (Jamaica)

What is it about:
A restaurant guide with blurbs for
each restaurant they rate +
Food / decor / $$ rating +
various categories that help the readers
to find the specific cuisine/specialty food.

What went through my mind:
- Who knew that "Cafe..." is
the most popular name(word) amongst
various restaurants in NYC?

- 98% of the Zagat blurbs read like this:
Metro Cafe is a "hip n' trendy" restaurant,
situated at a "prime location",
with their food "above average" and
decor "artistic," it's "one of the best"
in midtown.
hmmmm... Does the "quotation marks"
bother anyone besides me??? 0_o"

- In terms of East Asian cuisines,
Japanese food is obviously the most popular,
prpobably more widely accepted by the
Western crowd...
Thai = runner-up '_' -> exotic & flavorful?
Chinese food = 3rd place
& there aren't enough Korean restaurants
listed on Zagat!!! : 0

- Comments like "cheap" / "cheesy decor"/
"annoyed waiters" / "non-existent service"
keep reappearing in blurbs describing
Chinese restaurants.
*sigh* what a shame.

- Can we have a Zagat NYC Bakeries / Desserts
Guide/Handbook in the near future???

What came out of this:
* Here's a list of the restaurants I'd like to visit:
- Kyotofu [Dessert]
705 9th Ave., btw 48th & 49th St.
- ChikaLicious [Dessert]
203 E. 10th St., btw 1st & 2nd Ave.
- P*ong [Dessert] (I just bought his cookbook!!)
150 W. 10th St., btw Greenwich Ave. & Waverly Pl.
- Once Upon a Tart [Dessert]
135 Sullivan St., btw Houston St. & Prince St.

- La Flor Bakery & Cafe [Coffeehouse]
53-02 Roosevelt Ave., 53rd St., Woodside
- La Bergamote [Coffeehouse]
169 9th Ave., 20th St.
- Edgar's Cafe [Coffeehouse] (Poe's theme cafe!!*_*)
255 W. 84th St., btw B'way & West End Ave.
- Columbus Bakery [Bakery]
474 Columbus Ave., btw 82nd & 83rd St.
- Amy's Bread [Bakery]
75 9th Ave., btw 15th & 16th St.

- Sala Thai [Thai, doh!]
1718 2nd Ave., btw 89th & 90th St.
- Sripraphai [Thai]
64-13 39th Ave., btw 64th & 65th St., Woodside

- Rai Rai Ken [Noodles]
214 E. 10th St., btw 1st & 2nd Ave.
- Soba-ya [Noodles]
229 E. 9th St., btw 2nd & 3rd Ave.

- S'mac [Mac n' Cheese] (Goh goh's favorite!)
345 E. 12th St., btw 1st & 2nd Ave.

- Morimoto [Japanese] (The legendary Iron Chef!)
88 10th Ave., btw 15th & 16th St.

- Natsumi [Italian + Japanese]
226 W. 50th St., btw B'way & 8th Ave.
- Todai [Japanese + Seafood]
6 E. 32nd St., btw 5th & Madison Ave.
- Shabu-Tatsu [Shabu Shabu + Sukiyaki]
216 E. 10th St., btw 1st & 2nd Ave.

Why Should you read it, too?
- Why, you don't eat out? : )

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