Friday, February 15, 2008

Book 32: Great Dishes - Just blanch & eat (教你好菜燙來吃)

Title: 教你好菜燙來吃
(Great Dishes - Just Blanch & Eat)

Who wrote it: 梁瓊白 (Qing Bai Liang)

Whom I borrowed it from: Queens Library (Forest Hills)

What is it about:
A collection of recipes that are simple,
quick & versatile : )
Specialty -- 10 Homemade sauces to go
with countless combo of veggies, meat & seafood!

What went through my mind:
- I picked up this book, hoping for inspiration
of what to cook tonight for church fellowship's
dinner gathering.
A veggie dish is needed, so i volunteered
myself, but i honestly have very limited
creative ideas & none of my signature dishes
are based primarily on veggies '_'

- I must say, this book does NOT disappoint!
Her simple yet sophisticated approach of
coming up with different sauces,
while blanching the food for as little time
as possible, in order to retain the freshness
& natural taste, was definitely eye-opening.

What came out of this:
* Goal:
Practice blanching + homemade sauce!
* Reminder:
Cook the food as little as possible -> Fresh!

Why Should you read it, too?
If you'd like to learn about traditional
Chinese cooking + how simple it is ; )

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