Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The beginning of it all...

As my shoulders slumped and my arms sore,
feeling the 2 heavy bags of reading materials in my hands,
i couldn't have been more ecstatic.
i almost giggled out loud in the deserted subway tunnel,
but decided against it, just to appear normal.

Just the thought of having many more trips like this
- going to and from the Queens library in Jamaica,
holding a ton of books -
excited me enough to forget about its weight,
this pool of bottomless knowledge, inspiring ideas,
witty minds, heartwarming stories... all swimming within my reach!

Such was the lightbulb moment that began it all.
I made a silent vow:

* Let me read 365 books this year -
One Story at a Time.

May I learn as much as I possibly could,
press on when the task appears too daunting,
just so i can come out of 2008 a better person.
Lord willing, this will come true.

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