Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book 3: Beauty Queen (美容大王)

Since my mother language is Cantonese,
I actually read a lot faster when the book is written in Chinese.

To be true to who i am,
I'll include books written in languages other than English --
which could be a good thing for my Hong Kong friends,
who might be looking for recommended readings as well ; )

However, to make it easier for my U.S. friends,
I will keep this blog mostly in English,
thus translating book titles / content here and there.

Hopefully, you'll keep an open mind,
and keep me company along this journey! : D

Title: 美容大王 (Beauty Queen)

Who wrote it: 大S 徐熙媛 (Barbie Hsu)

Whom I borrowed it from: 路比 Ruby

What is it about:
The extremes that Barbie has gone through,
to transform herself into an ultimate beauty icon in Taiwan.
Basically a list of dos & don'ts + what products to buy
for those that aspire to be pretty.
(If 'pretty'=white, slender, flawless, with straight long hair.)

What went through my mind:
- Cosmetics are EXPENSIVE!
- I'm not going to buy 3 combs
& spend 45 mins combing like she does.
- No wonder she's so white & i'm not.

Memorable lessons:
- Essential Beauty Sleep hours: 11pm-3am
- You don't have to wash your hair everyday,
or the natural oil would get washed away.
(Sounds kinda similar to what people say about dog hair...)

What came out of this:
* Goal: Start using masks & toner.
* Caution: Remember that outward beauty is fleeting & time-consuming.

Why Should you read it, too?
If you want some beauty product recommendations,
are a fellow believer of her standards of 'beauty,'
or just curious about how she became the way she looks.

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Anonymous said...

hey there,

i'm looking at buying the 美容大王 books but in english version(if there is). I can't really read chinese words.