Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book 8: The Self-Sacrifice of Suspect X (嫌疑犯X的獻身)

Title: 嫌疑犯X的獻身 (The Self-Sacrifice of Suspect X )

Who wrote it: 東野圭吾 (Keigo Higashino)

Whom I borrowed it from: Fafa

What is it about:
This is a very well-written suspense/detective novel.
Since the beginning, the author showed us the 'whodunit,'
and the Math Teacher who lived next door to the murderer
offered to help discard the dead body,
because he fell in love with her since the day she moved in.

The story went on, to tell of the little progress the Police made
in investigations, while the Math Teacher's old friend came by,
& figured out some clues that the Police has yet to discover.

What went through my mind:
- The 'howdunit' was well hidden under layers upon layers
of twists & turns, but none of those was forced/illogical.
The author's creativity clearly shines through,
& as a reader, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel till the very end.
- One of the main ideas the author tried to illustrate
through this story was "the Purest Love of all" --
Ultimately, his point of view somehow coincides with Christianity's,
that Sacrificial & Unselfish Love is by far the most amazing -
when someone lays down his life for another,
without asking for equal compensation nor even comprehension,
it reaches so deep into the core of our souls,
that we can't help but marvel at the precious gift presented to us,
& want to reciprocate in one way or the other --
just like the Murderer at the end of the story.

What came out of this:
* Reminder: Bear in mind that love is unconditional.
& if I were to offer sacrificial love, I'm not supposed to brag,
expect rewards / recognition, or demand others' appreciations.

Why should you read it, too?
Sometimes it takes a great novel to drive home
a deeper understanding of something bigger & more important.
I think this book's got something to offer,
with enjoyment & clever plots along the way : )

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