Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book 20: The Hong Kong that I Love (我所愛的香港)

我所愛的香港 (The Hong Kong that I Love)

Who wrote it: 林夕 (Lin Xi)

Whom I borrowed it from: Ruby

What is it about:
A collection of essays this famous HK lyricist
wrote for a column in the newspaper,
featuring political / socio-economic /
personal / reflective topics.

What went through my mind:
- No wonder he's always been my favorite lyricist...
(Actually, back in high-school, my ideal job
was to become a lyricist -- inspired by Lin Xi!)
His eloquent yet sharp linguistic skills,
clear-minded, logical ideas,
to-the-point presentations...
made reading through these essays quite enjoyable --
given the fact that normally i won't even be
interested in reading anything politics relevant.

- My favorite chapter was: 「自求多福」
His main point was, nobody else can make you learn.
You have to make up your mind that you'd go ahead
and make that sacrifice (time, effort, memory, leisure...),
so you can become more equipped for something worthwhile.
I 200% agree!!!
Well, and that's partially why i'm doing this 365 Project.
I'm not crazy. Not even trying to be over-ambitious.
I just wanna learn.

Favorite Quote:
It's obvious / easy to see where your time is spent.
(i can't figure out the most fitting translation for this. Sorry : / )

What came out of this:
* Smart Idea:
Don't buy souvenirs for anyone,
just because you are supposed to.
Nobody likes those -_-"
& you're wasting your $$/time, while risking to be called cheap.
* Reminder:
Instead of trying to catch up with the fashion trend,
why don't we donate the $$ to charity instead?
The needy can use more clothes (or other luxuries) than we do.

Why Should you read it, too?
The Chinese language is beautiful, eloquent and rich.
Lin Xi's writing is a fabulous demonstration of such truth.

Caution about this book:
Buddhism lingos/ideas permeate throughout this book.
Just thought you should know before picking it up.

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