Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Book 9: Sex God

Title: Sex God --
Exploring the endless connections between sexuality and spirituality

Who wrote it: Rob Bell

Whom I borrowed it from: Queens Library (Jamaica)

What is it about:
How sexuality, spirituality, being human,
being a Christian, loving others, dating, marriage,
letting go of your past, relationships...
are all inter-connected.

What went through my mind:
Instead 0f calling this a book,
it's more like a collection of insights / wise sayings.
I liked how the book is not written like
a (boring) lecture / theological discussion,
but simply the thought process of a fellow Christ-follower,
contemplating how to connect the dots in life,
so things would fall into place in God's bigger picture --
Glad that i got to take a peek at his ideas : )

Favorite Quotes:
** SORRY for the long list.
This book is really all about fabulous quotes. **

- "Heaven is the realm where things are
as God intends them to be." (Pg. 21)
- " you treat the creation reflects
how you feel about the Creator." (Pg. 28)
[Following the example of how a father cherishes
his 5-yr-old son's "artwork".]
- "...from an early age we have this awareness
of the state of disconnection we were born into,
and we have a longing to reconnect." (Pg. 40)

- "Living like angels [deny physical needs]
can be as destructive as living like animals
[give into all desires]...
we were created to live in the tension." (Pg. 61)
- "...gratitude is so central to the life God
made us for... until we can center ourselves
on what we do have, on what God has given us,
on the life we do get to live, we'll constantly
be looking for another life." (Pg. 74)
- "Lust is slavery... It isn't just what lust does,
it's where it leads." (Pg. 75)

- "...lust... always lead to despair...
always lead to anger...
Lust promises what it can't deliver." (Pg. 78)
- "What are you channeling your energies into?
[Instead of telling someone 'Don't steal,'
Paul suggests a way of channeling the energy
into working hard and sharing with those in need.
Channeling > Avoidance] (Pg. 82)
- "Love is a giving away of power...
When we love... we expose ourselves...
to be vulnerable. Love is giving up control." (Pg.98)

- "Our first need is not for people to fix our problems.
People who charge in and have all the answers
and try to make things right without first joining us
in our pain generally annoy us, or worse yet,
they push us away. They have nothing to give us.
The God that Jesus points us to is not a god
who stands at a distance, wringing his hands and saying,
"If only you'd listened to me." (Pg. 106)
- "The husband's waiting for the wife to submit
is actually a failure to lead... What if she knew
without a doubt that his love for her was so great
that he would give his life for her...?" (Pg. 117)
- "Love is often seen as a need,
something we get from others.
Agape gives." (Pg. 119)

- "There is a love because,
love in order to,
love for the purpose of,
and then there is love, period." (Pg. 120)
- "For God so agaped the world...
Do you realize that you are worth dying for?" (Pg. 122)
- "The point of marriage isn't marriage...
to add to the "oneness" of the world...
to give the world a glimpse of hope,
a display of what God is like..." (Pg. 153)
- "What would it be like to be with someone
who loves you exactly as you are?
Unconditional, absolute acceptance..." (Pg. 155)

What came out of this:
* Goal: Try reading other Rob Bell's books.
* Reminder: It's all about getting connected with others.

Why Should you read it, too?
Just to gain some fresh ideas about life & God & people.
& No, this book doesn't talk exclusively about SEX.
"This is really (not) about THAT."

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