Monday, January 21, 2008

Book 12: Holding Serve (掌握人生發球權)

Title: 掌握人生發球權 (Holding Serve)
[Winner of the French Open at the Age of Seventeen,
Persevering On and off Court]

Who wrote it: Michael Chang (Author),
Mike Yorkey (Contributor)

Whom I borrowed it from: Bought @ CCHC Bookstore

What is it about:
The lifestory of the world-famous,
Chinese professional tennis player, Michael Chang,
detailing his struggles on & off court,
as well as the life lessons he's learned in & about God.

Key lessons:
What matters the most in life, afterall,
as Chang testifies -- is certainly INTEGRITY.
The most memorable thing about this book is not
the many exciting battles/moments Chang described about,
nor how he won/lost the endless matches.

But the love of his parents for him,
the warmth between him & his brother,
the vulnerability & openness of Chang,
that he was willing to subject himself to...

He willingly admitted that he was jealous,
afraid, anxious, depressed... at various points of life;
But he was also able to get back up and keep striving,
to fulfill the meaning of his life;
to be a man with courage & humility --
by coming before God without reservations.

I've come away deeply touched by this autobio,
wanting to know his God more,
to become someone like him.

What came out of this:
* Caution: It's okay to lose battles on various grounds,
but certainly not Integrity & Reliance upon God.

Why Should you read it, too?
If you've ever aspired to greatness...
here's a wonderful account of how to rise to the occasion,
without losing what really matters : )

P.S. There's both Chinese & English versions of the book : )
You can get the English version @

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