Thursday, January 17, 2008

Book 11: Tokyo Tower (東京鉄塔)

Title: Tokyo Tower -- Me & My Mom, & sometimes My Dad
(東京鉄塔 - 我和老媽,有時還有老爸)

Who wrote it: Lily Franky (中川雅也)

Whom I borrowed it from: Bought in Hong Kong : )

What is it about:
A beautiful portrait of a mother/son relationship
between "I" (the main character) & "Mom",
the various trials they've endured & overcome:
a semi-broken marriage between mom/dad,
"I" leaving home/mom for Tokyo,
seeking self-identities,
fighting cancers,
recognizing the importance of family......
& how this symbol of dream for a lot of Japanese people:
Tokyo Tower, ties everything together.

What went through my mind:
- This is a very moving book for me,
in a way kinda similar to "The Kite Runner".
- It pierced my heart as i read about
"I" disappointing his mom,
not knowing what he's doing in life,
wasting his time & life away...
I certainly caught parts of me aching with "I,"
regretting about my past mistakes,
feeling sorry for hurting people i loved,
missing out on the precious moments
that i should have cherished...
- This book also invokes fear,
as life eventually gives way to death,
how will i face the day when it's my parents' turn?
Will i have tons of regrets, just like the author?

What came out of this:
* Goal: Love my parents more,
while they're still around...

Why Should you read it, too?
I cried my heart out, both when reading the book
& watching the TV drama.
Well, that sums it all up.
Just GO READ it!

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