Friday, January 11, 2008

Book 6: Switch Circle Murder (人格轉移殺人)

Title: 人格轉移殺人 (Switch Circle Murder )

Who wrote it: 西澤保彥 (Yasuhiro Nishizawa)

Whom I borrowed it from: Fafa

What is it about:
The premise of the story is based on a 'Switch Circle.'
If more than 1 person step into this room at the same time,
an invisible wall would immediately appear to separate them,
then in split second their souls would inhabit in others' bodies.
The cycle will go on and on, until there's only 1 person left...

Due to an earthquake, 6 people escaped into the
'Switch Circle' without knowing what it is.
When the government agents discovered
these people in their contorted state,
they brought the group to a secluded mansion,
which is where the consecutive cases of murder took place...

What went through my mind:
-Modern Japanese suspense novels are quite
different from their American counterparts.
I feel that their plots are more sophisticated,
more variables exist in their stories,
& it's less about story-telling, more about
the readers figuring out the classic:
'whodunit,' 'whydunit,' 'howdunit,'
while the author attempt to trick the readers.
- The plot of this novel heavily relies upon the
'Switch Circle' set up, but it's definitely a clever & creative one.
The 'whydunit' turns out to be not that convincing for me,
but the explanations for the who & how are powerful,
& i am quite pleased with this book in general : )

What came out of this:
* Look out for other suspense novel
recommendations by Fafa!

Why Should you read it, too?
If you enjoy reading suspense novel,
this is one that's worth your time! ; )

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